Ferrybridge Multifuel (FM1)

Ferrybridge Multifuel (FM1)

Multifuel Energy Ltd (MEL) is a 50:50 joint venture between Wheelabrator and SSE plc. It is investing in two multifuel facilities at SSE’s existing Ferrybridge C coal-fired power station site in West Yorkshire.

The first of these facilities is FM1, is a new £300 million multifuel generation facility that generates around 80 MW of electricity using a range of fuel sources, including waste-derived fuels, waste wood and biomass, enough energy to power around 149,650 homes. The Combined Heat and Power enabled facility treats fuels from across Yorkshire and the wider region.

FM1 created hundreds of jobs while it was being constructed and now employs over 40 full-time operational staff. In summer 2015 the facility became fully operational and started exporting low carbon energy to the National Grid.

During the construction phase of the project, FM1 achieved one million man hours without a lost time injury. As our first plant to begin operations in the UK,  this is a major achievement for such a large scale project. To celebrate this achievement, the project's workforce selected three local charities that would benefit from a donation. The local charities - Martin House Children’s Hospice, Candlelighters and Pathways School - each received a £3,000 donation to help these groups continue to make a difference in the work they carry out in the areas around the new FM1 facility. Click here for more information on the Ferrybridge safety milestone celebration with donations to local charities.

As the first multifuel project at Ferrybridge progressed, the level of interest from fuel suppliers demonstrated that there was demand in the market for further waste derived generating facilities. This is why MEL has progressed plans for a second multifuel project in this ideal location.


Waste Processing

Municipal Solid Waste

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Fast Facts:

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80 MW
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