Wheelabrator Kemsley

Wheelabrator Kemsley

Wheelabrator is currently building a Combined Heat and Power plant on a site adjacent to DS Smith’s paper mill at Kemsley in Kent.

The new facility, which has received the necessary planning and permitting permissions, reached financial close in August 2016 and construction of the facility commenced shortly afterwards.  Wheelabrator Kemsley will create hundreds of additional jobs during the construction phase and dozens of operational roles once the plant is commissioned in 2019.

The Wheelabrator Kemsley facility will be able to process 550,000 tonnes of local residential and business waste fuel each year generating up to 50 MW (gross) of clean, renewable energy to power UK homes and businesses.  This is waste that would otherwise have been sent to a landfill or been pre-treated to be then exported to European waste-to-energy plants. The electricity will be exported to the National Grid transmission network with renewable steam supplied directly to the paper mill. This will help to reduce the mill’s reliance on fossil fuels, as DS Smith looks to decarbonize the production of recyclable packaging for the retail industry.

The construction phase will create hundreds of additional jobs and over 40 new full time operational roles at the facility when it becomes operational in 2019. This new infrastructure project will also provide significant local and county wide benefits. The positive economic impact to the local area during construction and operations is expected to exceed multi-million pounds given facilities like this have a number of major and routine maintenance projects each year requiring specialised support from local businesses and contractors.

Discover more about the Wheelabrator Kemsley facility and its future Development Consent Order proposals at www.wtikemsley.co.uk.



Fast Facts:

Planned Operations
50 MW
Energy Generation Capacity
Homes Powered