School Partnerships

School Partnerships

Our school partnerships are based on our belief that environmental awareness must be grounded in fundamental science, and that businesses and communities should help educators introduce real-life experiences to young adults.

Environmental science partnerships at local schools play a major role in our overall corporate social responsibilities programme. Our school programmes align with our long-standingcommitment to environmental stewardship and being a responsible neighbor.  Our partnerships have been a cornerstone of our efforts to help build sustainable communities and inspire the next generation of environmental leaders.

Working with their teachers and Wheelabrator employee-volunteers, Wheelabrator challenges local students to identify environmental issues in their communities and then research, develop and implement long-term solutions. Our programmes incorporate STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) concepts and provides students with an interdisciplinary view of environmental issues and solutions. Students are encouraged to share their projects and solutions to their peers, teachers, government officials and community partners.

Much of the success of these partnerships is a direct result of the dedication of our Wheelabrator employees who take time out of their busy schedules to work with with our partner schools.

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